Jumat, 28 Januari 2011

International Support for People of Egypt

Hundreds of people around the world held demonstrations near the embassy in Egypt to support the ongoing protest against President Hosni Mubarak, along with large demonstrations in Egypt on Friday. In Turkey, the groups of people gathered outside the Egyptian Embassy in Ankara to show solidarity with protesters in Egypt. In London, demonstrators asked the Egyptian authorities to avoid the use of force against demonstrators. In the capital of Tunisia, Tunis, similar demonstrations were held in front of the Embassy of Egypt to support the insurgency in Egypt.

"We're here to say that the Tunisian people are behind the people of Egypt. They have suffered just like us who suffer. It is time for change," AFP quoted from one of the protesters. Demonstrations are also conducted in Germany to show solidarity with protesters Egypt. Egyptian security forces clashed with protesters in Cairo and several cities demanding the government Mubarak regime change.

Thousands of protesters who opposed the curfew and stay on the streets of Cairo. The Egyptian government initially announced a curfew in Cairo, Alexandria and Suez. But then extended to the entire country. Security forces have been replaced with army troops in the streets of Alexandria while the report said security forces had opened fire on thousands of demonstrators in Suez.

Latest reports say at least five people have been killed during protests on Friday, so that 14 people have been killed in riots a few days. Egypt's largest opposition group, the Muslim Brotherhood, before asking all the Egyptians to take to the streets. Sources said the opposition leaders to target mass arrests throughout the country.

The Egyptian government has cut all mobile phone services and internet in the middle of an anti-government demonstrations that began after Friday prayers. Soldiers also entered and military vehicles seen on the streets of the capital that occur subsequent clashes between police and protesters. Opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei were among the other major figures, who attended the rally.

The report said that ElBaradei has been placed under house arrest after joining anti-government protests in Cairo massive. Security forces initially prevent prevent ElBaradei as he left a mosque in Giza. The mosque was besieged for a few hours before ElBaradei is under house arrest.

ElBaradei has said he will help heads if Mubarak backed transitional government. More people including opposition activists have been arrested. The protesters want an end to Mubarak's regime has long-lasting more than 30 years.

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