Sabtu, 29 Januari 2011

Victims Continue to Increase Due to Conflict Egypt

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's promise to bring the winds of democracy and reform to the country was ignored people. They again took to the streets in greater numbers and demanding figure who has three decades of ruling the country to go down. Even in Suez, a total of 1700 civil servants declare a strike for an unspecified time until Mubarak down and joined the demonstrators.

Mubarak's speech the previous night could not dampen the anger of the people. Mubarak expressed sacked all ministers and promised to form a reformist government. The Associated Press declared the building of parliament and cabinet has been blocked by the military, controlled mass circumvent. Al Jazeera reported from Cairo, this city looks like a war zone since Saturday morning.

Tanks have been patrolling the streets of the capital since the morning. A statement from the Egyptian army was called repeatedly, asking citizens to respect the curfew and avoid gathering in large groups.

The number of victims killed in the protests reportedly continued to grow, it at least 23 deaths confirmed in Alexandria, and 27 people in Suez, and 22 in Cairo.

More than 1,000 also injured in violent protests on Friday, which took place in Cairo and Suez, in addition to Alexandria. Protests continued throughout the night, with demonstrators opposed to the curfew.

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