Rabu, 02 Februari 2011

Ambulance Continues Roar in Cairo, 1,500 Pro Mass Mubarak Injured

At least three people believed to have been killed and more than 1,500 were injured in clashes between demonstrators and anti-government pro-Mubarak in Cairo, capital of Egypt. The protesters from both sides clashed on Wednesday camped in Tahrir Square, the center of opposition demonstrations over the last nine days of this gathering.

An Al Jazeera correspondent reported from outside the field early in the morning local time, said dozens of pro-Mubarak supporters had set up barricades on both sides of the road, trapping pro-democracy supporters. They collect the stones, breaking street lights and use balaclavas to cover their faces, apparently in preparation for a fresh standoff with a crowd of pro-democracy. Ambulances continued to roar on the streets of Cairo. In hospitals, ambulances coming and going every 10 minutes.

Although far from where the confrontation and clash, the situation is very tense in the hospital. "We saw a number of walking wounded, many with bandages to their heads. Some people were on stretchers as well," wrote the correspondent of Al Jazeera.

Police and demonstrators became difficult to recognize, he said, because there were no uniformed officers. A hospital doctor who will not speak in an official capacity said that there was a "government" to the hospital for not providing a formal interview. "They do not want this to be seen," he said.

To get additional medical personnel to the location of the demonstration, they must be hiding in an ambulance sent to help the demonstrators, said the doctor. The ambulance was attacked by elements of pro-Mubarak.

One hospital has treated more than one hundred people were injured. Most had wounds to the head and burns, there were several puncture wounds.

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