Selasa, 01 Februari 2011

Samir Al Rifai PM Resigns, The Government of Jordan Disperse

Along with widespread demonstrations in Egypt, the Jordanian government declared dissolved. As reported by Al Jazeera television, Prime Minister of Jordan, Samir Al-Rifai, declared to resign. With his resignation, the Jordanian government itself disbanded. The resignation was performed in conjunction with the rally call for of millions in Egypt.

The sources of news reports, "After Al-Rifai resigned, King Abdullah II appointed Marouf Bakhit as Prime Minister in order to form a new cabinet." King Abdullah II also asked Bakhit to form a government quickly and perform a series of political reforms.

Revolution in Tunisia triggered a chain reaction throughout the Arab world and Arab people are inspired partly by the anti-dictatorial regime in Tunisia. Massive demonstrations were held in Yemen, Egypt, Algeria, and Jordan. There is also a demonstration in a smaller scope of Saudi Arabia, Mauritania, Oman, Sudan, and Libya. On 14 January, the protesters demanded the resignation of Jordan Jordanian Prime Minister Samir Rifai and the cabinet.

Earlier, Foreign Policy Magazine in its report (26 / 1) to discuss the condition of five Arab countries which is expected to face a wave of massive protests after tumbangya dictatorial regime led Tunisia Zine al-Abidine Ben-Ali. Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Sudan and Jordan are the five countries considered to be very vulnerable to protest his people and threatened to collapse.

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