Rabu, 02 Februari 2011

Demonstrators Sure Screenplay by Mubarak's Massacre

Tahrir Square really put up a field of slaughter, slaughter this scenario, "shouted one demonstrator, when interviewed by reporters. Around 1,500 anti-government period were injured and one killed. Ambulance who want to help the victim, was attacked also by the mass pro-Mubarak.

Now, the two warring camps that were camping in Tahrim Square. Witnesses said thousands of supporters - expected in part is not uniformed police - pro-Mubarak, arming themselves with sticks and knives, to enter the square. Opposition groups say Mubarak has sent thugs to suppress anti-government protests.

One of Al Jazeera's correspondent said the army seemed to facilitate the clashes. Although initially they create a posse to prevent a surprise attack, but then their acts of omission and making anti-government protesters win battle against Mubarak supporters.

Witnesses also said that the mass pro-Mubarak protesters were dragged away they were arrested and handed them to security forces.

Salma Eltarzi, an anti-government protesters, told Al Jazeera there are hundreds of people wounded in the surroundings. "There is no ambulance in sight, and we only use liquid antiseptic to help victims," he said. "We are all very frightened."

Aisha Hussein, a nurse, said dozens of people being treated at an emergency clinic at a mosque near the plaza.

Al Jazeera's correspondent adds that a group of pro-government protesters took over military vehicles. They also took over a nearby building and used to place concrete blocks, stones and other objects in the direction of mass anti-government.

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